Julien Lavigne
Independent Photographer, based in Paris, France.

"An artwork can be both the intimate, personal expression of its creator, or the result of a pre-established conceptual logic. In the case of Julien Lavigne, from a strong, autodidact personality comes a multiplicity of genres, a richness of themes and a flair for creation through collage and graphic invention. A photographic universe, where elegance, charismatic characters, magic, music, nature, the self and death reign." (Claire Monica Burgess / Rachel Morellet)

Thanks to all artists, models, my dear Rachel, Daisy, Pauline, Claire, the whole Stoloff crew and anyone who helped and collaborated in any ways. (Background music untitled live track by Boards of Canada).

© Copyright 2019. Julien Lavigne, all rights reserved.


lordjuice@gmail.com       Tél : +33 (0)6 88 69 26 28

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