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Julien Lavigne
Independent Photographer, based in Paris, France.

"An artwork can be both the intimate, personal expression of its creator, or the result of a pre-established conceptual logic. In the case of Julien Lavigne, from a strong, autodidact personality comes a multiplicity of genres, a richness of themes and a flair for creation through collage and graphic invention. A photographic universe, where elegance, charismatic characters, magic, music, nature, the self and death reign." (Claire Monica Burgess / Rachel Morellet)

Thanks to all artists, models, my dear Rachel, Daisy, Ayla-Meije, Pauline, Claire, the whole Stoloff crew and anyone who helped and collaborated in any ways. (Background music "Opening The Mouth" by Boards of Canada).

© Copyright 2022. Julien Lavigne, all rights reserved.

Contact       Tél : +33 (0)6 88 69 26 28

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